New Patients

If you have been an established patient at another practice and are simply new to Roth Dental we can assist you in having your previous treatment records and x-rays transferred. This can decrease the amount of time required for the initial appointment.

If it has been some time since you have seen a dentist and do not have any recent records you can expect to have x-rays taken and a comprehensive exam completed.  Treatment recommendations will be made at this time and any questions can be answered.

  • For all new patients, please print and fill out the available health history form and the privacy act form.
  • Please be as thorough as possible with a complete list of medications, general health concerns, recent surgeries/hospitalizations and any specific dental concerns you may have.
  •  If you are covered by dental insurance please have it available at the time of your initial appointment.
  • You may also want to check out our missed appointment policy.