Tooth Extractions

If it is determined that the tooth cannot be saved, or you do not wish to save the tooth, extraction may be recommended.

Wisdom Teeth

At Roth Dental, patients have the option to remain in office for their wisdom teeth extractions. When the mouth is not large enough to accommodate the normal eruption of third molars (wisdom teeth), complications such as infections, cyst formation and damage to adjacent teeth can occur later in life.  Wisdom tooth removal prevents these complications and is typically recommended to be completed by late teens to early twenties, due to the difficulty of removal later in life.  When treated early, many complications are significantly diminished.  It is important to discuss all treatment benefits, risks, and possible complications with the dentist in order to make an educated and informed decision.

IV Moderate Sedation

Intravenous sedation is offered in office for more complex surgical needs like wisdom teeth or implant placement.


Whether a single missing tooth needs replaced or a full denture needs help remaining in place, implant therapy is quickly becoming the standard of care in the dental field.  It prevents the need to grind down adjacent teeth for a bridge and functions most closely to a natural tooth.  It is necessary to get a comprehensive work up to determine if implant therapy can be considered. At this time implant therapy will not be completed in office, but by closely working with specialists our patients can get the treatment they desire.